Basketball is on March 1, 2020 after worship service. All are welcome to join.

We have the Gym available until 3:30pm on Sundays for light sports. Everyone is welcome to join for a fun and light game! Invite your friends!

We are planning a game of co-ed soccer. If you’re interested to join please look out for more updates!

Community Lunch

There will be a community lunch on February 9th right after worship service. You are invited to come share a meal together and get to know one another. See you there!

Baptisms & Membership Inductions

If you are interested in becoming a member or getting baptized at New City Church Toronto please contact Pastor Brian (

City Hall (February 9th)

There will be CityHall (members meeting) immediately after worship service on Feruary 9th, 2020. All members are encouraged to attend.

Community Life

Interested in exploring Christianity or experiencing Christian community and fellowship? Come check out our CityGroups. No previous Christian experience required. Email Tommy at (Tues. group nr. Dundas & Bay), Michael at (Fri. group nr. Queen & Shaw) or Michelle at (Wed. group nr. Warden & Steeles) for details.

If you are interested in more intentional discipleship, we are happy to connect you to a Discipleship Group too. Please contact

Feel free to check out our Instagram @newcity_to and Facebook page @NewCityChurchToronto.