Kiss the Son! (Psalm 2:1-12)

Brian So, July 22, 2018
Part of the Psalms series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main Points:
1. Psalm 2 is a continuation of Psalm 1’s introduction to the Book of Psalms.
2. Whereas Psalm 1 talks about the wicked in general vis-à-vis the blessed person in general; Psalm 2 talks about a special case of the wicked vis-à-vis a special case of the blessed, and that is, the rebellious kings and their rulers against God and his anointed king.
3. How can Psalm 2 be applied in our life situations (vv.1-3)? We are like the vassal kings who declare independence from God.
4. What can we learn about God (vv.4-9)? God takes sides. He dashes his enemies to pieces but establishes his anointed one.
5. What does the Bible tell us what we should do (vv.10-12)? Kiss the Son.

Application Questions:
1. In what ways are you behaving or thinking like the rebellious kings in Psalm 2? In what areas in your life do you tend to declare your independence from God?
2. What are some of the cultural narratives in our days that challenge God’s authority?
3. Does the idea of a God who dashes his enemies to pieces go against your modern sensibilities and Canadian niceness? How do you process that idea?
4. How can a religion which promotes a God like that not turn its adherents into terrorists? How can Christians who follow such an exclusive God be good citizens in our society?
5. What is preventing you from “kissing the Son?”
6. Carina Smyth: “Who am I to you?” Captain Barbossa: “Treasure!” How does thinking yourself as the dearest treasure of Jesus motivate you to love and serve him?
7. What would it look like in your life situation right now to serve God as your king and obey his commands?

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