Such A Redeemer! (Ruth 3:18-4:22)

Brian So, July 8, 2018
Part of the The Book of Ruth series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main Points:
1. Our God is a God who gave himself sacrificially for our good.
2. Our God is a God who brings in spiritual outsiders like us and makes us insiders and he loves us as his own.
3. He is calling us to follow our Lord Jesus in giving ourselves to others and in bringing others into God’s family so that they too may experience real joy and forgiveness and belonging in Christ
4. Our God enters into our lives. He is real.

Application Questions:
1. Why do we instinctively feel that acts of self-sacrifice for the good of others are praiseworthy? How does the Bible answer this question? Do you agree?
2. The nearer redeemer backs out of the deal for fear of impairing his own inheritance (v.6). But “God operates on a different kind of calculus.” How does that “calculus” work?
3. How might God be calling you in your own situations to give yourself sacrificially for the good of others?
4. “In Christ, I am no beggar. In Christ, I have no lack.” How does that give you power to be generous with your time and energy and money?
5. Do you struggle to feel you belong? Why? Jesus says to you, “when you trust in me, you become my family. Yes you belong here. And I love you as my own.” What is keeping you from trusting in Jesus?
6. As a church, how can we make people feel they belong here? Do you know the names and the stories of all the people coming to our worship service? What initiatives can you take to know and care for those who come to our church? What would help you not stick within your own clique? How can we welcome people into our lives and into our social circles?
7. Who are some people you can pray for right now that they would meet Jesus through us so they too can trust in him and become part of God’s family?
8. What would help you let God’s truth disciple your heart when your lived experience is telling you that God is absent or not real?

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