"I will redeem you!" (Ruth 2:23-3:18)

Brian So, June 17, 2018
Part of the The Book of Ruth series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main Points:
1. Naomi’s taking into her own hands to fulfil God’s purpose reveals her impatience with God and her spiritual immaturity, rashness and recklessness.
2. In contrast, Boaz displayed a deep trust in God that God will indeed accomplish his purposes in his way and in his timing.
3. Despite Naomi’s flaws and her imperfect faith, God showed her grace and mercy by providing Boaz as a redeemer.
4. The story points us to Jesus Christ the Redeemer, who takes us as his wife to protect us and love us and provide for us.

Application Questions:
1. It is one thing to have a sense of God’s purpose but it is another thing to take it into your own hands to fulfil God’s purposes. In what ways have you behaved like Naomi? When you get impatient with God or when you are bitter with God, what is your response to God?
2. “God doesn’t owe us anything; on the contrary, we owe him everything, our worship, our obedience, our very life. And yet, God still showed us his love and mercy just as he had shown Naomi his love and mercy.” What is your response to this statement?
3. In v.9, Ruth gave no chance to Boaz to sin. She was being forthright even though it must have been culturally inappropriate for her to ask Boaz to marry her as her redeemer. Do you find yourself in situations that demand your courage and spiritual wisdom?
4. How would you instinctively respond to temptations when you are least guarded and when no one else is watching you? How would you instinctively respond in a crisis?
5. What are some ways you could develop your “spiritual muscle memory” and cultivate a daily pattern of obedience to God?
6. “God has given you Jesus and with Jesus you have everything you will ever need to live a fulfilling and godly life.” Do you believe this?

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