"Surely I am coming soon." (Revelation 22:1-21)

Brian So, January 8, 2018
Part of the The Returning King (Revelation) series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main Points:
1. Know that God is good. In Revelation 22, our broken relationship with God is replaced by intimate communion with him. We get to be with God in the new garden of Eden and reign with him forever. Moreover, the land that was previously cursed by God with thorns and thistles is now replaced by God’s blessing and fruitfulness. We even get to eat from that tree from which Adam was barred. The vision shows us God’s goodness and kindness towards us.
2. Strive to enter the City. Jesus lays before us two final destinies and he bids us to enter the city not the lake of fire. Blessed are those who persevere in their faith and not give in to Satan’s lies and to idolatry. Jesus warns us not to harden our hearts.
3. Come to Jesus. The whole universe has been anticipating the coming of its maker and sustainer, the glorious King Jesus who will renew the whole creation to give it a new beginning. Our response is to say “Come Lord Jesus!” Yet in a surprise twist, Jesus bids us to come to him to drink from him the water of life because we can only enter the City through him.

Application Questions:
1. How does knowing that God is good increase our longing for Him?
2. What do you long for in 2018?
3. Jesus exhorts us to strive to enter the city. What might be preventing you from entering the Heavenly City?
4. Are there sins that you are harbouring right now? How is v11 a warning for you to not harden your heart?
5. How does knowing that God is preparing for us an eternal glory that far outweighs the momentary troubles of our lives give us hope and joy and strength to enter the new year of 2018?
6. How would you prepare for King Jesus’s return? How does the anticipation of Jesus’ second coming impact how you conduct your life today?

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