The Triumph of Christ (Revelation 19:11-21)

Brian So, December 3, 2017
Part of the The Returning King (Revelation) series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main points:
1. Jesus the King. He is the most high and the most wise God who has full control and knowledge over all that happens in our lives and in all human history. At the same time, he identifies with our suffering and stays faithful to us.
2. Jesus the Judge. He comes to execute God’s judgment upon all who oppose God and his church. The vision echoes Isaiah 63 (winepress) and Ezekiel 39 (supper for the birds).
3. Jesus our Champion. Like David in 1Samuel 17 (David and Goliath), Jesus fights on behalf of his people and defeats our arch enemy of Satan and evil and sin and death. Jesus went up the cross to die for our sins so that he can clothe us with the white linen of his righteousness and send his Holy Spirit to live in us. Jesus first dove into the winepress of the fury of God’s wrath. He was trodden on our behalf. Jesus dipped himself in his own blood so that in the last days, we who trust in him will share in his triumph over evil. Jesus became the lamb that was slain for us so that we can be invited to the marriage supper of the lamb and not be the dead meat for the birds in the great supper of God.

Application Questions
1. Do you have a king in whom you can trust as you face life’s challenges? How does knowing Christ as “King of Kings,” “Faithful and True,” and “Word of God” impact the way you respond to sufferings in your life?
2. Miroslav Volf: “It takes the quiet of a suburb for the birth of the thesis that human nonviolence is a result of a God who refuses to judge. In a scorched land–soaked in the blood of the innocent, the idea will invariably die…” How does belief in a God who sends people to hell the necessary requirement for the practice of non-violence? Do you find it helpful to explain hell to unbelievers?
3. Spurgeon: “If sinners be damned, let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filed, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for.” How does the doctrine of hell encourage us to tell people the good news of Jesus?
4. What sins/ temptations to sin/ accusations from Satan are you facing today? In what ways does Jesus’ death and resurrection give you power to be freed from the bondage of sin and guilt?

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