The Harvest of the Earth (Revelation 14:1-20)

Brian So, November 5, 2017
Part of the The Returning King (Revelation) series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Main points:
Chapter 14 continues the visions of the 7 symbolic characters to encourage the church to persevere in their faith and to warn those who are not yet following Jesus to turn to him before it is too late.
Vv1-5 assures us of the victory of Jesus and his church over Satan.
Vv6-10 tells us in what ways we have sinned against God.
Vv10-20 tells us that God is a God of justice and of punishment of evil.
God desires that we would worship him wholeheartedly and find our deepest joy in Him. He has provided a way for us to do that by first sending Jesus to be trodden for our sins in the winepress of the wrath of God so that by faith in Jesus we will be spared from the endless torment of hell but enter into eternal joy and praise.

Application Questions:
1. How does God’s protection of his people comfort and strengthen you today in your specific life situation?
2. Why do we find it offensive that the Bible defines sin relationally (even covenantally)?
3. Have you worshipped God and given him glory this past week? Or have you followed Babylon in spiritual adultery and idolatry?
4. How would you explain vv.10-20 to someone who finds those verses abhorrent and offensive in our post-modern sensibilities?
5. Do you see what you and I justly deserve because of our sins?
6. Do you see Jesus as the “advanced stuff,” the “heart and apex of the Christian religion?” Everyday, do you marvel at what Jesus has done for you and how he loves you and you belong to him? And everyday do you live to know him more, love him more, and honor him more?

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